Irish is a fascinating language, brimming with insights into past times, current issues and the Irish way of life. Our courses deliver a solid foundation mixed with plenty of practice for everyday situations. Join us – fáilte romhaibh!

Course Materials

We use a wide selection of materials, paired with the Gaeilge gan Stró textbook for beginners that covers basic grammar. When reading literature in class, texts range from classic poetry to modern ghost stories and everything in between.

Beginners Course

The focus of the beginners’ class is always having a simple conversation. This goes hand in hand with an introduction to Irish grammar and pronunciation.

Intermediate Course

As an intermediate student you will already have a good grasp of the basics, and this course will allow you to build on that, with a mix of grammar, reading, translation and discussion of current affairs. And as always, topical conversation is an important aspect of our group.


€99 per semester. 10 weeks x 90 mins duration

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